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HubSpot is an absolutely incredible software, but like any other tool, you have to learn to use it effectively if you want to gain the maximum value from it. All to often, we see clients paying for Hubs and resources that go unnoticed, leading to many wondering if there investment is worth it. That's where we can help. With our free audit, you'll gain insight into the tools and hubs you should focus on to get more out of your HubSpot investment. With insights from the experts at MINDSCAPE, you'll uncover HubSpot capabilities you might not have even known existed. 


What is included in your audit?


Tool Usage Report

Uncover tools that are underutilized and gain understanding of how you can use HubSpot more effectively. 


Hub Usage Score

Receive a score for each Hub to determine where there is the biggest opportunity for improvement.  


Portal Insights

Gain insights from the MINDSCAPE team on how the portal is currently being used. 



Walk away with recommendations for immediately increasing your HubSpot ROI. 

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Platinum Partners

We're Platinum HubSpot Solution Partners so you know we have the skills necessary to assess your portal. 


10+ Years Experience

We've been using HubSpot for over a decade so have plenty of experience both internally and when it comes to  assisting clients.

Ongoing Support

We provide a plethora of HubSpot services for every Hub, so if there are any recommendations you want to take action on, we can help. 


“Valuable Partner for HubSpot Optimization, Email Marketing & Web”

“We first worked with Mindscape on a HubSpot audit project. The successful collaboration led us to select Mindscape to be a long-term partner for email marketing and web development. The Mindscape team is creative in their solutions, responsive to requests, and dedicated to identifying and implementing the right solutions. The team is also mindful of our email and web goals and timelines and have the right balance of persistence in moving projects forward. I would recommend you evaluate Mindscape as an agency partner for any HubSpot optimization, email marketing & web projects or retainers.”

– Taylor Johnson, Nature Nate’s Honey Co.

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